Black Hole Theory of Fascism

It might appear that the primary determinant for the bifurcation of a State into a fascist form is not what some theorists might suggest — from populations having “natural inclinations” or other compelling externalities driving the people and/or state toward fascism, societal demands for strong order in times of chaos, or other “outside the system” root causes – but rather a function that has a fractal equivalence to solar lifecycles.

Simply put, most stars lack sufficient mass (and more appropriately, velocity and aggressive consumption of excess) necessary for the conditions to create a black hole. As such, they end up in modest post-modern form: dull brown dwarfs of mediocrity. But give a star sufficient resource mass, propel it through velocity into a pattern of voracious consumption and ejection of surplus, and it reaches a problematic when the unreconcilability of its irrationally unsustainable trajectory is uncovered. Black holes don’t go into 12-step coping programs; they don’t acknowledge the inevitable. They deny, resist, assault, reject and oppose; they go down shooting, and “take all they can with them to hell.” They lash out, beyond Freud’s Melancholia, clinging to fundamentalist metaphysic, nihilism, or worse, a combination of the two in the construction of a death-centered fascist State.

Germany realized this acceleration-toward-singularity in its aggressive radicalization beyond the collapse of meaning inherent in the implosion of the Weimar Republic. Italy, Franco’s Spain, Lenin’s utopian metaphysic perverted by Stalin’s paranoid manufacturing race of excess, all have demonstrated the capacity for an the creation of singularities when national/cultural meaning is exhausted, unlike the modest collapse and irrelevance of other nation-states. One wonders what outcome awaits the imminent exhaustion of not one, but two predominant empires when meaning escapes the populace of the U.S. and China.


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